Following the Russian Money

While trying to figure out why on earth the Trumpster would have removed the US from the multinational agreement that is working very well to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, I found some discussion that made a lot of sense:  His Russian handlers wanted the price of oil to rise.  The lifting of sanctions on Iran under the multinational agreement put Iranian oil in the market, particularly in the US.  Down went the price of oil worldwide.  Up went the move to clean, renewable energy.  Trump now reinstates US sanctions and up goes oil prices.  Climate change? Forgedaboudit.

John McCain said “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country.”  Some have said it’s more like an oil barrel, but proper credits go to McCain anyway.  So even though Russia is a party to the Iranian agreement, they want the price of oil to rise.  They know that Iran is unlikely to return to developing nuclear weapons – under the separate nonproliferation agreement Iran has agreed not to do so.

Russia gets a twofer in US removal from the agreement, because it also fractures the relationship between the US and Europe which increases Russian power in the region.  So who else wants oils prices up?  The US fossil fuelers and climate change deniers, more of the Trumpster’s base.

We have Trump to thank for our higher prices at the pump.  The last time we had a major recession it was preceded by a limitation in the supply of oil and a spike in prices for consumers.  Let’s call this gas price spike “Trump’s tax” and pray that we don’t have the “Trump Recession” coming soon.

So here’s why he abandoned the Iran agreement:

  • Please and empower his owners in Russia by boosting their profits (to trickle down on him?)
  • Increase oil profits for the Koch brothers and other US fossil fuel suppliers
  • Stall progress on the move to renewable energy and roll back climate change
  • Please his buddy Netanyahu who seeks increased tensions in the Middle-East (why Bibi wants that is another mystery but the answer may lie in his own corruption)
  • Roll back the legacy of President Obama.  Remember him?  He’s the one who, with empathy, grace, dignity and humor, was making America truly great and respected around the world.  The tin-pot dictator Trump can’t handle that.

Now he is contemplating a similar agreement with North Korea as the one he abandoned with Iran. Leave aside the low probability that North Korea will completely eliminate their nuclear weapons. (They’re much further along than Iran was in developing the capability, and those weapons are an equalizer for Kim Jong-Un on the stage of world power.) North Koreas has no oil, so striking a similar deal with them – to eliminate economic sanctions in trade for North Korea “denuclearization” – wouldn’t affect the supply of oil. That’s a deal Trump would like to make.

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