Don’t read the tea leaves wrong

It’s not clear at all that the American people are dissatisfied with the Democratic accomplishments or agenda. In fact, most of them may be both aware and supportive. Why do we always take exit polls of voters as the “will of the American people?” It’s not; it’s the sentiments of the people who voted. If you combined the progressives who voted and clearly support what this Administration has done with the millions who were disenfranchised or left out and thus could not or did not feel motivated to vote, the American people likely have very strong support for Obama and the Democratic agenda. Among the unemployed, which are millions, how many do you suppose would vote Republican? What about the people who have lost their voter registration because they lost their job and/or house and had to move? And the mobile young folk ? (There I will fault Obama for not keeping them and OFA more in the loop.)

Stick to your guns, progressives and Democrats, and fight for ALL the people, those who voted and those who did not.

All this election proves is that

A) hate, fear and lies will motivate significant people to vote against their own best interest; and

B) social disruption on the scale we’ve seen since 2008 disenfranchises millions; and

C) corporate control of the media and the message destroys democracy.

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